Patient information on Blood tests, Results, ECG and Annual reviews

Appointments for blood tests in the practice

The length of time a patient will wait for a blood test appointment depends on several factors which include who has made the request and the reason for it, which test it is and any interval the hospital has set for certain blood tests.

Urgent requests by doctors can usually be carried out on the same day if the blood samples have not already been collected by the courier service that transports them to the hospital.


Getting results of blood/urine/swab tests

All test results are returned to the requesting doctor, If the doctor concerned is unavailable to receive results (e.g. on leave) the results will be given to one of the GP partners working that day.

Once they have reviewed the test result, the doctor will decide on any action that needs to be taken and if necessary, who they would like to contact the patient

This may be a nurse, health care assistant, receptionist or the doctor themselves. Please be aware that it may take several days for the doctor to receive the result and additional time to action them.

 Very abnormal results are phoned to the duty doctor at The Practice by the pathology department at the Hospital on the day the result is received. The hospital sets the parameters for these abnormal results.

Results of blood tests taken at a hospital or on behalf of a hospital are the responsibility of the hospital consultant who requested them.


How can patients contact the surgery for the test results?

Please see above, however patients are welcome to telephone the surgery between 12.30 pm and 1.00 pm Monday to Friday to enquire about results. We do aim to be flexible and try to accommodate enquiries about results outside of these times as best we can. Requests for test results can also be submitted via eConsult.

The Practice unfortunately has no control over the time frames that secondary care takes in returning blood test results to us.

The Surgery is unable to contact all patients with normal results, & those that do not require any action; however, patients are welcome to contact us as above.


ECG tests

ECG tests can be requested by one of the doctors or practice nurses. If the request is urgent, it will be done as soon as possible that day. 

The time frame for a routine ECG is decided by the doctor.

All ECGs are checked by a doctor before the patient is allowed to leave The Surgery.


Annual examinations, health reviews, medication reviews

Patients with specific chronic diseases and those on complex medications are invited for annual reviews by The Practice. These reviews may be carried out by a doctor, nurse or pharmacist whichever is the most appropriate.

If a patient has concerns over their health and would like a review, they are welcome to contact the Practice to arrange an appointment to discuss this with a doctor or practice nurse.


New patient Records

Patient notes for new patients who join the Practice are not always immediately available to us for summarising and unfortunately, we have no control over the period of time this may take. Notes from outside Wales often take several months.

Patients paper records are not kept on the premises but in secure centralised NHS storage. The practice may request these notes whenever they wish.

Certain sensitive patient information is not available to support staff.